The Spectacular Marketing Podcast

A weekly podcast about everything brand, marketing, digital and social for the food and drink industry and beyond. Brought to you by Mark McCulloch, founder and CEO of WE ARE Spectacular a London based brand and marketing agency.

This podcast is a mix of speeches, masterclasses and interviews with some of the most talented and influential people from the world of food, drink, brand and marketing. The warmth and enthusiasm of Mark McCulloch (ex Pret a Manger, YO! Sushi, Barclaycard and lastminute.com) makes for some candid and engaging interviews. High profile guests have included Gary Vaynerchuk, Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy Slim) and chef & restauranteur Martin Morales.

The podcast often charts highly in the iTunes business chart, top place so far being number 15. It’s also helped position the host as the most forward thinking marketer in food, drink and hospitality.

Production notes:
I worked with Mark to concept the podcast, mentored him on recording and presentation techniques and gave advice structure and flow. I edit and produce the podcast weekly.