What I can offer

With over a decade of experience in audio and content production, I love the creative process and I’m passionate about developing imaginative ideas, big or small. I always aspire to originality and love the challenge of turning an idea into something innovative, exciting and on brand.

Whether you’re a brand with stories to tell or a budding podcaster with big ideas, here’s how I can help you on your audio journey.



You want to start podcasting, but you don’t know where to start.

  • I can help you understand podcasts

  • I’ll work with you to generate ideas

  • I will help you understand how audio fits into the bigger picture

Producer for hire

You might have big ambitions to be the one behind the mic, ready to launch your own podcast. Some of the ways I can help with your first steps on your audio journey:

  • Help you find your niche and work with you to generate ideas

  • Give you guidance on kit and teach you how to record

  • Help you launch your first podcast

  • Be editor and producer to give your podcast that professional sound




If you’re a brand looking to stand out from your competitors, develop a more meaningful relationship with your audience or enhance your internal comms, I can help by creating audio content that your listeners will love.

  • Collaborate with you to develop ideas, big or small that fit with your overall strategy

  • Craft a tailored podcast series that’s in line with your brand values, calling on an extensive network of experienced producers if required

  • Guide you through distribution and promotion to help you understand the best ways to get your audio out there, and to the people who matter most.