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How many of us are willing to take risks online? Does taking risks online allow us to achieve greater things and do we feel more comfortable when taking risks behind the safety of a screen?

Delivered by Berkeley PR and with the aim of raising brand awareness to a UK audience, this podcast mini-series for Kaspersky Lab sets out to answer those questions with real stories from real people who have taken risks online that have paid off.

To help analyse the thought processes of the case studies a psychotherapist, Kathleen Saxton from The Lighthouse Company was interviewed along with David Emm, principal security researcher from Kaspersky Lab, adding some colour and their own research data.

Production notes:
I worked closely with Berkeley PR to develop an idea that taps into emotion and brings real stories to life. Due to the geographically widespread nature of most of the case studies, Skype was chosen to conduct the interviews, using probing questions to get the most out of each story.

Working with Gareth was an absolute pleasure, I would absolutely do so again and would recommend that any of my clients or contacts do so also.
This was the first time that my client, a leading cyber security brand, had ventured into the world of podcasts. As such, they needed guiding along their way – they knew they wanted a podcast series, but they didn’t understand why or what they needed. I had no hesitation in introducing Gareth to my client directly to discuss the series with them and to help them understand the power and reach of podcasts.
His creative direction and ability to tell my client’s stories resulted in an engaging, entertaining and educational series which were used as part of an ongoing social media campaign strategy.
— Rhiannon Richardson, Operations Director, Berkeley Communications

Sport RElief: Street children of addis ababa

How does the money you donate to Sport Relief get spent? In a commercial radio first, Sport Relief partnered with Absolute Radio to help raise money to tackle critical issues affecting people across the UK and the world.

One of the organisations that Sport Relief money helps is GOAL. I spent 4 days in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa with presenter Geoff Lloyd to tell the stories of how Sport Relief donations were being spent by the organisation to help street children across the city. In the short series Geoff experiences first hand the challenges that children face growing up on the streets in the city. He also meets those street children whose lives have been turned around by the money that people raise in the UK.

Production notes:
The content was packaged as podcast as well as these 5 audio diaries which were broadcast across the week on Absolute Radio. An accompanying
film further brought to life the work that the charity was doing to help street children in the area.


A weekly podcast about everything brand, marketing, digital and social for the food and drink industry and beyond. Brought to you by Mark McCulloch, founder and CEO of WE ARE Spectacular a London based brand and marketing agency.

This podcast is a mix of speeches, masterclasses and interviews with some of the most talented and influential people from the world of food, drink, brand and marketing. The warmth and enthusiasm of Mark McCulloch (ex Pret a Manger, YO! Sushi, Barclaycard and makes for some candid and engaging interviews. High profile guests have included Gary Vaynerchuk, Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy Slim) and chef & restauranteur Martin Morales.

The podcast often charts highly in the iTunes business chart, top place so far being number 15. It’s also helped position the host as the most forward thinking marketer in food, drink and hospitality.

Production notes:
I worked with Mark to concept the podcast, mentored him on recording and presentation techniques and gave advice structure and flow. I edit and produce the podcast weekly.

I’ve always wanted to get behind the mic and Gareth helped me get my podcast off the ground. Having him onboard has given The Spectacular Marketing Podcast the flourish and flair it wouldn’t have had otherwise. We are winning in the charts (top place was number 15 in iTunes business chart) because of how professional we sound compared to others. You need a producer as otherwise the sound will suck. Gareth co-created the podcast and helped me with structure, intros and ideas that took it from a boring man droning on, to a proper appointment to listen. Plus, the intro sting is amazing and as close to the ‘I want it to sound hip hop/Beastie Boys as I could get’. The podcast has positioned me as the most forward thinking marketer in food, drink and hospitality. This would not be the case if I hadn’t hired Gareth. He is the mastermind and power behind our success (although he won’t admit that).
— won’t admit that). Mark McCulloch, Founder & CEO - WE ARE Spectacular


Lovingly inspired by the most famous podcast in the world, a podcast from the creators of Geoff Lloyd’s Hometime Show, hosted by Annabel Port.

'Serial: This British Life' investigates a real life unsolved case from 1983 that’s haunted both the accuser and alleged perpetrator ever since. Just after a showing of the film ET at the Macclesfield Majestic cinema, Geoff Lloyd drew a picture. What happens next defies belief. As Annabel uncovers the evidence and interviews those involved, you can follow the startling revelations and sometimes contradictory clues until you make your own conclusions as to who is the guilty party in this riveting case.

I loved working alongside Gareth, and I can’t think of anyone better to entrust with developing and implementing ideas
— Geoff Lloyd, Broadcaster & Podcaster